Comcast Resume Workshop

Are you wondering how to write an amazing resume that reflects your leadership qualities? At NAAAP’s Resume workshop, we practiced and built up students’ resume writing skills. With Comcast’s University Relations recruiter in Technology, Josh Curry, students were able to see the do’s and don’ts associated with creating a resume that reflects your best self!

What is a Resume?

  • This is a detailed personal summary of your education, skills, and experience.
  • It highlights all the important parts of you so that employers can have an idea of who they are looking at.

Basic Formatting Guidelines:

  • Length: Make sure to keep it to one page
    • Font: Arial or Times New Roman, between 10-12 point font
    • Paper: Use white/ cream colored
  • Different employers look for different things but here are a few ways to guide your outline:
    • Put your university at the top along with your skills
    • What employers look at: Skills and Organizations are important so make sure to include these
    • Expected graduation (Month and Year): this is very important because this helps employers know when they can hire you
    • If you are just starting out: List summer jobs or everything you’ve done and check off what is important
    • The more relevant things about you such as present jobs or internships should be at the top
  • Research yourself
    • Proofread: Be conscious of simple spelling mistakes 
    • Be detailed: Explain all aspects of yourself while keeping it concise 
    • Let your experience and skills shine through!
    • Include active keywords: oversee, lead (what you led, not just your team), coordinate, etc.
  • You have to format your resume according to the job!
    • Your resume depends on where you are applying, so be ready to adjust accordingly.
      • Ex. Your resume can be colorful if you are sending it to a design company but for a professional firm you should keep it black and white.

Common Questions:

  • How about GPA?
    • Make sure to list it but don’t be upset if it isn’t the highest
    • Experience can often times be just as important 
  • Should you list Overall GPA/ Major GPA?
    • List your overall, but you can also list your cumulative
    • Make sure you are well rounded with clubs, organizations, and extracurricular 
  • What if you have Non-Industry Experience?
    • Then label it “Relevant Experience.” It’s okay in some instances to list experience that you had even if it doesn’t completely align with your job.
    • Compile this experience under one section to keep it neat and understandable

Final Breakdown Tips!

  • Make sure to update your LinkedIn because that is how many employers reach out.
  • Contact Info should include: permanent and/or campus address, email address, and phone number
  • Experience: Writing out your experience and skills are extremely important
    • i.e. Internships, Research or Projects, and efficiency in Powerpoint, Software, & Microsoft word.
  • Your involvement in your community and University are what set you apart so include your club and organization experiences!
  • Know the company you are applying for: study up on their mission statement, latest projects, and more.

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