“A Path to Success” with Lindy Li

Congressional Candidate for Pennsylvania Lindy Li, shares her story about how she chased her passion to lead and rose to the top of the political sphere. Li graduated from Princeton University as president of her class and worked at Morgan Stanley shortly after. As she maneuvered through her career, she realized she needed to change paths into what she loves doing now!

“How did you take on opportunities?”

Li: When I was in college, I realized to just really get to know your friends and the people around you. After college, when I was working at Morgan and Stanley, I realized the real opportunity laid in the things I loved to do: reading books on history and educating myself on things I was truly interested in. Once you do what you love to do, the money will follow.

“When did you start your love for politics?”

Li: I just always knew what I wanted to do at an early age. I loved reading books about politics and realized there were so many things you couldn’t just learn from a textbook so I went ahead and did something about it. Running for Congress was extremely hard but it proved to be very worth it.

“What was a time of great struggle?”

Li: While I was running for Congress, there were some people who really discouraged me to do so. People in the political sphere told me to resign from politics and others will try to knock you down. Another time of struggle was when I got sued for the first time. It hit me really hard and many told me to settle but I would not back down. It was such an important psychological victory for myself!

“Can you recall a time in your academic career that helped shape who you are?”

Li: When I was getting ready to give my speech at my graduation, it was raining very hard and I was told I had to curtail my speech in order for the guest speaker, Steve Carell, to have time to talk. I was very compliant and adjusted it accordingly but the rain persisted and I was asked to completely scrap my whole speech. It was in that moment that I knew I couldn’t just stand there and let that happen. Carell even said to me that we were live so if I gave my speech no one could really stop me. With this in mind I went along and gave my entire speech (unedited by time constraints). It was a great feeling.

“What are some tips and advice that molded your path to success?”

Li: Don’t let someone who’s given up on their dream keep you from living yours. I was a nobody and now people actually have to listen and take into consideration what I say. Eloquently push back those who feel you cannot do something. Also don’t let anyone tell you that this is supposed to be the best time of your life because you’re only on a trajectory! It can only get better.

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