What is the Leadership Development Committee (LDC)?

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) serves as the leadership pipeline for the NAAAP Temple executive board. Committed members who have demonstrated leadership potential are recruited to support officers before transitioning to become board officers themselves.

Once recruited, LDC members will be trained to provide assistance in event planning and other NAAAP Temple operations.

Why should I be a part of LDC?

  • Build leadership skills
  • Hands-on  experience in organizing events
  • Stepping stone to becoming a NAAAP Temple officer

Is there a requirement to be a member of LDC?

Those interested must be dues-paying members who have shown a strong commitment to the organization through consistent event attendance.

If you’re looking to learn, grow and add value to others, then get more involved with NAAAP Temple through the Leadership Development Committee!

To get involved, please contact Chair of the Leadership Development Committee (LDC), Qi An at qi.an@temple.edu.