What is the Mentorship Program?

The mentorship program is a NAAAP Temple initiative that matches members with officers. The program works to foster relationships between mentors and mentees, whereby mentees can look to their mentors for personal and professional guidance. From searching for job/internships to resume help, mentors are here to provide assistance. Each executive board member will have one mentee.

What is the purpose of the Mentorship Program?

  • Build a strong community within the organization
  • Receive guidance from experienced peers
  • Bridge the gap between members and officers

How are the mentors and mentees matched?

Mentors and mentees are matched based on their areas of study, interests and personalities.

What are the commitments like?

This is solely up to the mentor-mentee pair. It is recommended that the pair meet up at least once a month. Whether it’s to grab a quick cup of coffee or to attend NAAAP Temple meetings together, mentors and mentees are encouraged to maintain a relationship and get to know one another throughout the semester.

The Mentorship Program is only open to members.

For any queries about the Mentorship Program, please feel free to reach out to Director of Student Outreach, Jada-Nicole Goodson at tuf49291@temple.edu.